1987 Porsche

944 Spec Car

Offered at Call For Price
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1987 Porsche 944 Spec Car 1987 Porsche 944 Spec Car

1987 Porsche

944 Spec Car

Offered at Call For Price

944 Spec car

Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. Get Quote

Enclosed matching trailer optional

  • High Compression motor (rebuilt July, 2013) with 50 hours

  • New rod bearings

  • Inspected rings, cleaned and reinstalled

  • Crank spec'd to standard and polished

  • Lindsey oil pan baffle installed

  • Head cleaned, valves removed and cleaned. Hand-lapped and new seals installed

  • Full engine seals, every seal replaced front to back, top to bottom

  • Heater line blocked on head and at water pump. Lines deleted to heater core.

  • New water pump

  • Kevlar timing belt and new stock balance belt.

  • Late cam installed in powder coated cam box

  • Idle valve deleted and silicone hose from AOS to J-boot installed

  • All silicone vacuum hoses

  • Paurman braided fuel lines and fuel pressure gauge with remote braided line

  • New distributor cap and rotor

  • Lindsey Firebraid spark plug wires, new Bosch plugs

  • A/C delete bracket and belt installed

  • Amsoil 20w50 Dominator Synthetic Oil.

  • All radiator hoses replaced new at rebuild. Turbo radiator installed.

  • Aftermarket oil cooler with AN10 fittings routed to factory turbo/s2 engine plate with adapters welded on for AN10 at the engine. * Factor oil sender removed and adapter in place for manual oil pressure gauge

  • Late header with modified stock exhaust. Cat deleted

  • Trans replaced with a tight factory late LSD trans.

  • New axles installed in August, 2014 (preventive maintenance)

  • Clutch new at rebuild. New pressure plate, aftermarket clutch and new throwout bearing.

  • Newer clutch hydraulics from turbo with NEW clutch line.

  • Power steering deleted with power rack plugged.

  • Factory wiring harness removed. 35 lb weight savings

  • Factor dash removed with lighter race dash

  • New tie rod ends

  • Epoxy coated a-arms and rear trailing arms. New bearings front and rear.

  • New front rotors installed at rebuild.

  • Hawk DTC-60s pads front/ HP+ rears

  • Braided Stainless Steel brake lines with Super Blue fluid always used

  • All calipers removed, sandblasted, new seals installed and painted- new rubber caps on bleeders as well.

  • Koni Yellow struts with new-er adjustable inserts

  • New Koni rear sport shocks at build

  • Installed adjustable Weltmeister front and rear sway bars (~$800) in 2014 (6 hours on them)

  • 350 lb front Hypercoil coils with adjustable sleeves

  • Ground Control camber plates

  • Turbo brake shield scoop[s at back of front rotors

  • 968 castor blocks- welt, poly front a-arm bushings and rear torsion bushings.

  • Car was aligned and corner balanced in Aug. 2014. Only 1 race since completed

  • Braille battery for the car- 6 lb installed

  • Car weighed in at 2615 at last weigh in with very little gas and 180 lb driver

  • Suspension set at 3.5 neg camber front- 2.5 rear. No toe front/ slight toe in rear. Max castor front.

  • Hanksville Hotrods cage installed with optional Nascar drivers door bar and knee bar. $1,700 shipped. Painted with epoxy grey to hold up to use and abuse.

  • All padding is good impact padding on drivers side and some on PS from when there was a passenger seat

  • Engine DME computer is mounted to passenger kick panel area out of the way but accessible.

  • Autometer Oil pressure and Temp gauges in dash

  • Fire suppression system installed; 3 nozzles. One in cabin faces driver. Two under hood- one on each side of the motor. Pull is located in center of the dash next to toggle switches. Needs a bottle.

  • Emergency battery disconnect is mounted on the drivers side a-pillar and kills neg. Battery terminal as well as the coil wire to the car.

  • Three switches on the dashboard; Cool Suit, lights, wipers/blower

  • Factory wiring to taillights is tied into the switched power in the dash. Rear running lights are on when car is on. Switch to lights only works headlights which are removed but all pieces are included with car. Wiring is still at the headlight buckets and custom brackets are installed to flip the headlights up or down for night driving.

  • Wipers work on a 2-way switch; fast/slow.

  • All HVAC is removed, but blowers in cowl are still installed. One side blowing down onto the drivers feet and other side is ducted to a vent in the top of the dash that can be used as defrost if needed


  • Drivers window net is a OGRacing net that attaches at the top with a bar and buckle, bottom has straps that hang down and attach to the Nascar bar (top bar)

  • Center net is attached around the back of the drivers seat per instructions and goes through the dashboard and attaches to the knee bar which is up behind the dash.

  • Seat is a Sparco Evo. G-Force six point harness new at build. Needs to have new webbing installed per NASA regulations (Time limit expired)

  • Seat is mounted to steel side mounts that are welded to floor adapter plates (not moving). Mounts can be drilled to move the seat for any driver who needs adjusted

  • Steering lock is disabled

  • Steering wheel is a Momo Prototipo on a removable hub

  • Wide angle rear view mirror mounted to rollcage

  • TraqMate Data Acquisition System ($800) added/installed in 2014

  • New Cool Suit System added

  • New Hans Race Seat added/installed in Mar. 2014 ($1,500)

  • Three sets of 15x7 factory “phone dial” wheels; two red sets for dry and one set rains.

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