2012 Fisker Karma
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2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

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2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport
R&H Motor Car Group is proud to offer for purchase this stunning low mileage Fisker Karma EcoSport. This automobile looks and functions as if brand new and we love it! We could not find any issues cosmetically or mechanically with this history making driving machine.
If you're not completely familiar with this car, have a look at what Road and Track magazine had reported about their test drive.
From Road and Track magazine:
The Karma is classified as a plug-in hybrid with the drivetrain in series configuration. Which is to say it's a rear-drive car with a gasoline engine under the shapely hood—a 260-bhp turbocharged GM Ecotec 2.0-liter inline-4. As in a diesel locomotive, the engine never drives the rear wheels directly. Instead, it runs a 175-kW generator that charges a large lithium-nanophosphate battery pack that runs down the center of the car's aluminum frame. The battery, in turn, powers a pair of 201-hp electric motors located fore and aft of the rear axle.
So what we have here is a 403-hp car with prodigious quantities of instantly available electric motor torque—959 lb.-ft. starting from zero rpm. All of this wizardry is not made from helium, of course, so the Karma's weight—5430 lb.—somewhat mitigates the effect.Twin "gas caps" sit on the rear flanks. One accepts 9.0 gal. of premium unleaded and the other a 110- or 220-volt plug-in. Full charging time is 10–12 hours (aka all night, plus breakfast) on 110 volts, and the 220 takes about half as long. A "Hill" paddle to the right of the steering wheel also feeds coasting energy into the battery, as does a 120-volt solar panel in the roof that helps power the car's 12-volt accessory systems.
The Karma's sensuous body flows tightly over a set of tall 22-in. wheels separated by a very long 124.4-in. wheel-base. That's almost 9 in. longer than my old Cadillac DTS, though the Karma's styling doesn't suffer from this stretch, nor, as we shall see, does the car's handling. All's well that ends, as a friend of mine often says.
From the moment we pulled away from the office, my immediate impression of the car is that it feels solid and well-built, with superb ride and taut-yet-fluid suspension compliance. The steering is perfectly weighted, for my tastes, with just the right touch of heaviness on-center, responsive turn-in and good road feel through the wheel. A sense of refinement and quality comes through instantly. Not for nothing have designer Henrik Fisker and Chief Operating Officer Bernhard Koehler come to us through BMW and Aston Martin. This chassis could be a product of either company, and that's high praise. Interestingly, members of the suspension design team also worked on the Ford GT program.



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